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January, 5 2016

NOW ONLINE!! Biocom Technologies introduces FitPal Patch.

FitPal Patch is a smart heart rate wearable that is attached to torso and provides an accurate ECG readings whether the person is standing still or actively moving, swimming, running or playing a game. Person using FitPal Patch is monitored 24/7 with a standard BT LE heart rate profile, opening a gateway for integration with any application implementing the standard. Also, Biocom is building an application that evaluate various fitness parameters such as fitness level, capacity, exercise recovery, body age, and many others. Please support us on kickstarter


June, 15 2015

Silicon Valley’s leading Health App developer Azumio has secured a license to use the Biocom stress monitoring and analysis algorithm for the Stress Check iPhone and Android Apps. Biocom Technologies is a leading developer of innovative physiological monitoring concepts for the educational, commercial, wellness and health fields. Biocom has specialized in developing a series of proprietary concepts for license purposes. Several of the concepts are being spun off from the Heart Wizard Wellness Tool box. Stress Check is the most innovative tool available for quantifying your level of psychological or physical stress. By measuring your heart rate through the camera and light features on your iPhone, Stress Check can estimate your level of stress in real time. Analysis of HRV requires heart pulse data to be measured continuously for a certain period of time. The more you use Stress Check, the better the app gets to know you and your heart. Algorithms used to analyze HRV developed by Biocom Technologies follows recommendations of European Society of Cardiology (ESC) and the North American Society of Pacing and Electrophysiology (NASPE).


March, 24 2015

“If I'd known I was going to live this long, I'd have taken better care of myself,” Boomers lament. President Mark Ferris at Biocom Technologies of Seattle has announced the release of the Aging Body-Scan analyzer (www.agingbodyscan.com) and lead generations tool with the Isagenix Product B for Weight Loss. The lead generation software was presented by Isagenix Millionaire Distributor Dr. Ted Brooks. . The software was merged with Isagenix in response to the demand for a low cost program to assess biological age in comparison to one’s chronological age. The “tool” is designed to analyze ones aging speed and provide a customizable e-mail follow up tool to suggest wellness products and services to circumvent the chronic downward spiral of aging. Dr. Brooks states that the combination of the Aging Body Scan product with the Isagenix Product B is a match made in heaven. Now, using a simple ear clip bio-sensor, the Aging Body Scan (ABS) software accurately assesses ones real age in less than a few minutes from anywhere. Amazingly, the test can be performed in 3 minutes or less. The key for ABS is the ability to provide Isagenix product distributors an easy way to assess a client’s age and provide insights on which products or services may best be suited to help them in their wellness pursuit. A report then can be e mailed to the person that was tested with informative information on how to implement the Isagenix product to create change. Accelerated aging is a challenge for everyone. Wellness and healthy-aging products are a booming billion dollar industry. Everyone in the wellness industry struggles with generating new leads to provide information for their anti-aging products and services. If you struggle with generating new leads to provide information for your healthy-aging products and services? The ABS program can help you build your customer base and showcase your wellness programs and products. With ABS, your clients can quickly and accurately measure their aging speed while introducing your product or wellness program based on their results. After the assessments, easily customize email campaigns to follow up on leads and generate new customers If you’re a Baby-Boomer, or concerned about slowing down the aging process then an ABS assessment can provides the wake-up call. The ability to monitor your aging speed becomes more important with each passing day. In fact the three most pressing concerns of the typical Boomer are anti-aging, stress management, and weight. Monitoring weight has always been easy but because aging has less to do with chronology and more to do with biology, now you can actually see the direction and speed of your real “bio” age?


January, 8 2015

OpZone is scientifically engineered biofeedback technology designed to get individuals in an optimal zone to achieve optimal results. The technology offers a practical, physiologically-based support system to enhance behaviors appropriate to learning in a school environment. The OpZone software leads users through a series of specific breath exercises. This will allow the student to achieve a more balanced physiological state increasing their chances of being calm, focused and ready to learn in just up to ten minutes. OpZone was commissioned by the Ministry of Education to present finding of two pilot studies investigating the impact of OpZone Connect technology on learning behavior and academic achievement of primary school students of Pacifica decent. Studies on the application of biofeedback technology in educational contexts show significant reduction in emotional symptoms, conduct issues and hyperactivity as well as increases in pro-social behavior, more so among primary school than post-primary students. The technology enabled students to think about managing their behavior and emotions, enabling them to relax and de-stress. Teachers found the students were more focused, less likely to distract others and more receptive to learning activities.


November, 5 2014

Biocom Technology is the company behind the Rejiva Telemedicine ECG. For the last two years Biocom has worked with Rijuven LLC to develop the newest Wellness ECG Patch on the market. The concept behind the program is to integrate a scientifically valid wellness program with reliable Heart Rate Variability assessment data into the market place. Heart Rate Variability is one of the best prognostic indicators of overall wellness or non-wellness.


June, 15 2013

NEW FEATURE!! Biocom Technologies introduces the new Bluetooth Zhephyr Wireless ECG Recorder.

The ECG device is connected to the PC via a standard Bluetooth connection. The patient does not need to be connected to the PC. Using standard electrode pre gelled patches allows for easy application and use. Light weight and wireless, while still insuring accuracy in the results. The ECG signal transfers data from the user to the PC from up to 10 meters or (33 feet). Use it for short term analysis or the continuous monitoring of HRV parameters in your research. Available with the Heart Rhythm Scanner and HRV Live! software. The most popular Biocom HRV products for research and educational purposes.


October, 15 2008

NEW FEATURE!! Biocom Technologies introduces the new Bluetooth Biocom 5000 Wireless ECG Recorder.

The ECG  device is connected to  the PC via a standard Bluetooth connection. The patient does not need to be connected to the PC. The ECG signal transfers data from the user to the PC from up to 10 meters or (33 feet). Use it for short term analysis or the continuous monitoring of HRV parameters in your research. Available with the Heart Rhythm Scanner, HRV Live! and Heart Rhythm Scanner Special Edition  software.

February, 1 2008
JETRO invited Biocom Technologies to exhibit its new products at the International Tradeshow in Osaka, Japan on January 24-25 of 2008. Heart Wizard was introduced at this tradeshow and created tremendous interest.


August, 1 2007     It is online!!!
We're proud to announce that the most innovative health management tool that has no analogues all over the world, now is online. The results of tremendous work of international scientists and leading programmers of the world and more then 15 years of scientific research realized in the unique product. 

April, 10 2007
Great news! Biocom Technologies is proud to announce that a new AWS Internet Stress Management System is coming soon. It includes a Stress Monitoring Software Tool that is linked to a Stress Relief Software program.  The product will require with a USB ear-clip pulse wave sensor.


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