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Heart Rythm Scanner Special Edition

Comprehensive Autonomic Function Evaluation System

For research and educational purpose only


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Key benefits

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Product overview 

The Heart Rhythm Scanner Special Edition (SE) uses cutting edge technology to give you the ability to measure parasympathetic and sympathetic activities and assess the body's autonomic function.

By measuring the heart's rhythmic patterns (also called Heart Rate Variability, or HRV) The Heart Rhythm Scanner SE system will give you an accurate insight in your bodyís regulatory capabilities!

The Heart Rhythm Scanner SE provides HRV data comparison to the population norms!


The Heart Rhythm Scanner SE provides the means for a quick but comprehensive evaluation of the autonomic nervous systemís regulatory function and capabilities. The software is based on utilizing several tests: a standard short-term heart rate variability (HRV) analysis of the resting heart rate (HR) and two challenge tests - deep metronomic breathing and orthostatic tests.

Once the tests are completed, the Heart Rhythm Scanner SE performs full HRV analysis of all tests and creates detailed reports for the data from all tests. The results of all tests can be printed, stored in the database, exported to other software in Microsoft Excel file format.

The Heart Rhythm Scanner is currently being used around the world by Clinical Researchers,Stress Management Counselors, Alternative Therapy Specialists, Biofeedback Therapists, Physiology Class Teachers, Physical Occupational Recreational Therapists and many others... 


5 min Resting HRV Report

Example of a Resting HRV report with power spectrum and heart rate

 Example of a Resting HRV report with power spectrum and heart rate

Example of a Resting HRV report with time domain analysis and frequency domain analysis

 Example of a Resting HRV with time domain analysis and frequency domain analysis

Metronomic Breathing Test

Example of an Metronomic Breathing Test report in Heart Rhythm Scanner SE


Orthostatic test

Example of an Orthostatic Test report in Heart Rhythm Scanner SE

Software standards compliance

The Heart Rhythm Scanner software was developed according to the standards and mathematical procedures for short-term HRV analysis set forth by The European Society of Cardiology and The North American Society of Pacing and Electrophysiology (1996) as well as standards of performing and evaluating autonomic challenge tests.



Heart Rhythm Scanner SE is used by professionals: 

  • Clinical Researchers
  • Stress Management Counselors
  • Alternative Therapy Specialists
  • Biofeedback Therapists
  • Physiology Class Teachers
  • Physical Occupational Recreational Therapists
  • Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Specialists
  • Professional Psychologists
  • And many others...

Key Benefits 

  • Measuring sympathetic and parasympathetic activities of the autonomic nervous system
  • Full compliance to the Standards of HRV analysis
  • Real-time monitoring of the Heart Rate changes
  • Using standard provocative tests: deep metronomic breathing and standup tests
  • Comprehensive autonomic testing reports for all tests used
  • HRV data comparison to the population norms
  • Easy-to-read interpretation of the autonomic balance status
  • HRV progress reports for all tests
  • Built-in database system for ease of keeping track of clients and tests
  • Intuitive visual interactive editing of Heart Rate records to eliminate HRV data discrepancy caused by abnormal heartbeats and/or movement artifacts
  • HRV data export into Misrosoft Excel spreadsheet and ASCII text formats for further analysis / presentation
  • Ability to exchange test results between Heart Rhythm Scanner SE systems installed on different computers
  • Backed by 30 years of documented medical studies
  • Supports both pulse wave sensor and ECG recorders
  • The software operates under Windows operating system (XP is recommended)
  • Easy software installation and automatic hardware detection


Supported Hardware

  • Biocom HRM-02 pulse wave sensor
  • Biocom 4500 ECG Recorder
  • Biocom 5000 Bluetooth ECG recorder

Biocom HRM-02 is an ear-clip pulse wave sensor connected to PC via USB port.

Typically the ear-clip should be placed on earlobe.

In some cases when earlobe placement does not give good pulse wave signal the ear-clip can be placed on a finger.

Biocom 4500 ECG Recorder is connected to PC via standard USB port. Unlike many other ECG devices, Biocom 4000 unit is as simple in use as pulse wave sensor.

Biocom 5000 ECG recorder is connected to PC via Bluetooth. Maximum operative distance is 10 meters (33 feet). Requires Bluetooth USB dongle or integrated Bluetooth connectivity

Biocom 4500 ECG Recorder has three large non-disposable dry ECG electrodes to be placed on wrists of both hands secured with elastic wristbands.


Heart Rhythm Scanner SE Software Screenshots: 


Select HRV test type you need to perform.   

Real-time display of ECG signal and HR during resting HRV test



Live breath pacer used to perform deep metronomic breathing test.

Performing a orthostatic test. A special marker shows beginning of a standup maneuver.



Resting HRV test report includes all test results in graphical and numerical formats.

Deep metronomic breathing test report includes all test results in graphical and numerical formats.



Orthostatic test report includes all test results in graphical and numerical formats.

A progress report displays dynamics of selected test parameter across all tests performed.



Minimum Computer Requirements

  • CPU Pentium III 800 MHz
  • 256 MB of RAM
  • Video card with at least 1024x768 and High-Color resolution
  • 50 MB of free hard disk space
  • CD ROM drive
  • One available USB port
  • Windows Me/2000/XP/Vista Operating system

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